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At CYS, we have been helping companies optimizing their experience for more than 15 years. In order to facilitate this, we set ourselves the audacious goal of developing the best software in the world for managing and measuring experience.

One software solution for combining all relevant data and feedback from customers, employees and business. Pre-designed customizable programs designed for prioritizing your companies’ improvements like Customer Feedback Monitoring, Employee Engagement Research, Audits and Checklists for quality management and the reporting of business KPI’s.

CYS provides a great user and respondent experience by providing one intelligent and intuitive solution for storytelling, 1-on-1 feedback loops, approachable multi-channel questionnaires, easy to use quality checklists and audits, connecting and improving your company’s data and providing cutting-edge reporting and visualizations. Available for every stakeholder on any device at any time.

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Taco van der Pompe

Taco van der Pompe


I am the creative engine behind CYS. I listen to customers, look at the market, work hard, and dare to innovate to make a difference.

Joachim Beckmann

Joachim Beckmann


With an enterprising spirit, I look to the future, quickly identify core issues, and develop innovative, concrete plans for our customers.


Jeroen Rietberg


I provide the ultimate experience by entering into conversation with the market and continuously improving and accelerating. That’s what I stand and aim for.


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