About us

Who is CYS?

CYS has been helping companies optimize their experience for more than 15 years.

CYS, every experience counts

At CYS, we have been helping companies optimize their experience for more than 15 years. To facilitate this, we have set ourselves the challenging goal of developing the best software in the world for measuring and improving experience.

One software solution for combining all relevant conversations, data and feedback from customers, employees and organization. Standard programs specially developed for prioritizing your business improvements, such as Customer Feedback Monitor, Employee Engagement Research, Audits and Checklists for quality management and the reporting of business KPIs.

CYS delivers a great experience in all conversations by providing a complete solution for storytelling, 1-on-1 feedback loops, accessible multi-channel questionnaires, user-friendly quality checklists and audits, connecting and improving company data and advanced reporting and visualisations. All available to anyone in the organization on any device at any time.

CYS Group Headquarters

CYS was founded in Breda in 2004. Since then we have changed offices several times and are now happy with our beautiful and inspiring office in Breda.

The CYS headquarters is the place where management, innovation, marketing sales, customer success and support work with enthusiastic customers every day.

CYS Office India, Pune

Cuembux Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of CYS Group, was founded in 2019. CSS is an officially registered office in Pune, Maharashtra. The company is the development center of the CYS Group.