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Essential for organizations that want to be customer-centric. In this blog, we give you 9 short and practical tips on how to effectively use feedback to improve the customer experience based on it.

Tip 1: Determine the right KPI for customer feedback

There are several KPIs for customer feedback. Which one you use depends on the issue. It is important to use an appropriate score for each process. Suitable KPIs are:

NPS (Net Promoter Score): recommendation score

The Net Promoter Score measures the loyalty of your buyers, based on a simple key question. It looks not only at the product delivered, but also at the connection a customer has with a company. In doing so, it looks back and forward. The answer is expressed in a number, the NPS.

CES (Customer Effort Score): how much effort the customer has to make

The Customer Effort Score shows how much effort the person had to make to get a question or problem solved. Think about completing a purchase or being helped at all. Great for collecting experiences about your service.

CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score): the satisfaction

The Customer Satisfaction Score excels in its simplicity, with its clear and straightforward scoring system. It is a score in the form of an absolute number, on a 10-point scale. This makes it easy to make comparisons or measure developments.

CYS’ software allows you to collect feedback in multiple ways. For example, measuring NPS is appropriate when making a purchase and measuring CES when customer service has been contacted. Think carefully about when you want to use which KPI.

Tip 2: Short customer feedback questionnaire

Customers like convenience. Therefore, even when asking for feedback, keep it simple to save neither effort nor time. After all, a long questionnaire deters. At