Recognizing your super promoters

This is the first blog in a series of 7 in which we will go into detail about how you can deliver the best service to your customers. With practical examples and tips we will help you to trigger your customer’s enthusiasm and to make, and keep, your company as customer and service oriented as possible. Because with the best service, your customer satisfaction will rocket and you will start generating enthusiastic clients, promoters, and even ‘super promoters’.

What are (super) promoters and how can they be recognized? Why should you do so in the first place? The answers can be found in this first blog entry.

Often the focus of companies who measure NPS and want to better their service lies with detractors and solving complaints. The enthusiastic customers and employees, or promoters and ‘super promoters’, are hardly given a second thought. Yet, they promote the company without even being asked to recommend it and thus pass on the good name to others who will follow and subsequently generate sales growth. If you as an organization are able to understand your (super) promoters and are able to hold on to them, you can gain a large competitive advantage.