Target Super Promoters – How?

In the previous blog in a series of 7 about ‘Delivering the best service’ you read that it is much more profitable for companies to focus not only on complaints, problems, and dissatisfied customers, but on very satisfied customers. The promoters who spontaneously and actively recommend your company, brand, or product from an intrinsic motivation and who provide new growth. But how do you make sure you grab hold of these enthusiasts and never let go? This is discussed in this blog with many tips from Rijn Vogelaar, the brain behind the ‘super promoter’.

Connect with your super promoters

In the previous blog you could read how to identify super promoters. The next step is for you to connect with them. That is not always easy. A characteristic of a super promoter is that they do not want to be controlled. But if you know where they are, you can invite them there. And contact moments such as with the helpdesk or during a marketing campaign, where the dialogue with the customer is sought via social media, also offer the opportunity to approach your super promoters. Such as #kwantuminhuis, where customers are asked to photograph Kwantum products in their home and share them via Instagram:

Listen to your super promoters

If you have the super promoters at your fingertips, let them talk about their own experience and social experiences. Set up a panel or a community to continuously find out what causes the enthusiasm.

Follow the ideas of your super promoters

The next step is to help the super promoter influence others by listening to their ideas, making their input visible. They will then also share this with their social network. And remove barriers to recommending. Make sure that your customers have all t