Categories: Customer Experience ManagementPublished On: March 21st, 2023
What do super promoters deliver

Why it is very important to embrace and facilitate your ambassadors and super promoters of your company became clear in the previous 3 blogs in this series.

Super promoters make money

A super promoter recommends your company and your products or services to others out of enthusiasm and is therefore intrinsically driven. Because he as a person has a lot of influence on others, his behavior is also copied by others. But what exactly is the value of a super promoter?

Research shows that super promoters generate up to four times more sales on average than customers who are not as satisfied. Rijn Vogelaar gives several simple example calculations in his book ‘The super promoter – About the power of enthusiasm’. For example, he calculates that one super promoter generates almost 1 million new customers in 10 steps. And in another example calculation, he shows how you can get more sense of ROI calculations from super promoters.

Vogelaar: ‘If we know how many products super promoters purchase in a period of time and how many friends/relations they convince to also purchase these products, we can determine the economic value.’

To determine how many customers came in on the recommendation of your super promoters, you can use metrics such as Social Sharing Metric (SSM) or Influence Metric (IFM) which we covered in the Delivering the Best Service #1: Recognize Your Super Promoters blog! spoke.

But super promoters deliver much more

  • You have less marketing costs and less effort to