NPS doesn’t work for complaints, how to resolve this?

To make your company truly customer-centric, you must decide once and for all that you want to give your customers a central position within your organization. This means that you are not only going to listen to your customers’ feedback, but you will also implement the necessary improvements based on it.


Many organizations are familiar with the process of the day-to-day tracking of customer feedback, using it to make the voice of their customers be heard throughout their organization.

Most likely, these organizations are using Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a KPI to track the experience of their customers with their organization, product, service, or brand. The problem is, however, that unfortunately the NPS is not suitable for measuring all the interactions a customer might have.

After all, customer experience is a comprehensive phenomenon made up of all the possible steps and stages of the customer journey. In this journey, the customer may encounter a problem with a product or service or have a complaint about the quality of the customer service.

It makes little sense to measure the experience of a customer with a negative aspect such as a complaint, by asking to what extent they would recommend the company to others. In cases like that, the Customer Effort Score can do the trick.