Categories: Customer Experience ManagementPublished On: April 11th, 2023
Complaint as a force – 5 tips

In the previous articles in the series of 7 blogs about Delivering the best service, you have read about the power of super promoters with the focus on customer experience and how you can improve your online reputation with the best service. Delivering the best service is not only about improving processes, but also about how you handle complaints and make them work for you. The latest blog gives 5 tips on how to turn a negative customer into a satisfied or even enthusiastic customer.

A large-scale research by Liveperson shows that the biggest factor for a good customer experience is the quick resolution of complaints (according to 82% of respondents). And according to the PWC research it can lead to a rapid and effective resolution of issues for satisfied customers. If customers are extremely positive about the manner that complaints were handled, 64% of them will tell others. It is therefore important that you take complaints seriously, and always follow up negative customer feedback. On the other hand, for all customers who do file a complaint, there are also customers who keep quiet, but are dissatisfied and won’t want to do business with you again. Try and track down these customers too, and approach them on your own initiative.

Below are five tips on how to turn complaints into a positive experience and make negative customers happy again: