Go beyond managing your data

In order to make data driven decisions, it is crucial to get your data in order. Go beyond managing your data and unleash its full potential. CYS offers one solution for importing, combining and improving data.

Import Data 

Every organization has a lot of data available. To be able to analyze and visualize your data, you need to combine all relevant data into one solution. 

Upload your data manually or automatically in CYS. All data can be transformed immediately during the import or with automated processes at pre-set times. This way you are assured of high-quality data.

Besides managing your data, it can be used in your research programs and dashboard visualizations.

Import Data
Combine data

Combine Data 

Data are usually stored in different systems and different formats, which makes doing research or the creation of visualizations time consuming and error sensitive.

CYS lets you connect multiple data sources easily. From the data sources you can drag & drop the data items you need into one database and use it for analysis and reporting.

Get your relevant data in one central solution to get the insights you are looking for.

Improve Data 

Different sources store data in different ways, this makes deduplicating, transforming and enhancing a time-consuming task. Avoid errors and manual data management with CYS.

Automated processes can prepare your data for research programs or dashboard visualization. You can use the build in wizard or use advanced SQL scripting.

You are able to lookup data, change these based on logic, change the record status and send trigger mails or alerts. 

Improve Data

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