eBook: A successful CX program – from measuring to improving

Bringing customer experience to life is a major challenge for many organizations. Customer feedback is collected, but there is usually too much focus on the score, so that efforts do not lead to structural and concrete improvements.

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What will you read in this ebook?

As the person responsible for customer experience, you often receive a KPI objective, usually based on metrics such as NPS, CES or CSAT. But how do you approach that in practice? How do you get management and the entire organization to think and act in a customer-oriented way? How do you get a grip on all data, customer and employee processes? And how can you actually increase the customer experience and motivate your employees? In this e-book you can read how to listen to your customers, improve the customer experience and motivate employees.

For whom is this ebook interesting?

For professionals who are responsible for customer experience and who want to gain (even) more insight into improving the customer experience.