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White paper: Ten steps towards a customer centric organization

Customer experience? Customer loyalty? Are these just buzz-words, or are they relevant for your organization? What is actually required if you would want to make them relevant? Which recourses and tools could be of help? How can you get customer centricity into the genes of your organization?

Whitepaper: Ten steps towards a customer centric organization

What do you read in the white paper?

In a series of 10 steps, we will expand on the question how you can transform your organization to ensure that every employee thinks and acts from the customer perspective every single day. By using many examples from day to day life, tips and tools, we strive to bring you closer to a truly customer centric organization.

For whom is this white paper interesting?

For professionals who are concerned with customer satisfaction and customer focus and want to gain more insight into Experience Management and how to improve it.

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