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On this page you will find all information about the Employee Energy Pulse, what it measures and how it helps to increase the energy level of your employees.


What is the Employee Energy Pulse?

The Energy Pulse measures how much energy employees receive from the work they do. No heavy, annual employee satisfaction survey with many questions, but a short, simple 4-question methodology that you use to regularly check how the energy level in the organization is doing. The Energy Pulse is intended as the proverbial ‘finger on the pulse’.


Voice of Employee programs

CYS has based three Voice of Employee programs on the best principles we could find from positive psychology and from best practices all over the world. The three key elements to be included where:

  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Company culture
  • Structured feedback

In this context we have developed three different programs, which can be used as stand-alone programs or in conjunction with one another: 

  1. Employee Energy Pulse
  2. eXperience Culture Scan
  3. 360˚ Feedback Manager

You can read everything about the Employee Energy Pulse here. Do you want to know really everything about this program? Download the whitepaper.

Employee Energy Pulse

With a sophisticated Voice of Employee strategy, you can not only measure the Voice of Employee but also make the step towards increasing employee engagement. The Energy Pulse is a simple method for charting employee engagement. People are not asked whether employees feel "involved" or not, because that is a question that is very difficult to answer. Instead, employees are asked how much energy they get from the work they do. Energy is a recognizable and even measurable concept that people will understand. It is clear that if we feel 'drained' after a long day of boring work, this is not a good thing. On the other hand, if we love our work and we are completely "energetic" at the end of the day, this is a great feeling! 

Theoretical background 

The Employee Energy Pulse is based on positive psychology books such as "Flow" by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and "Drive" by Daniel Pink. They discuss the influence of positive psychology on the work ethics of your employees and the organizational culture. They argue that intrinsic motivation and a healthy corporate culture are the biggest factors to get into the "flow" and give a "drive" to your employees, which increases employee engagement in your organization.


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E-book: Measuring and improving Employee Engagement

Are employees feeling comfortable? Are they going to work every day full of energy? This e-book gives you insights and guidelines to improve employee engagement in your organization.

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Employee Energy Pulse score

The Energy Pulse score is the KPI, the result of the Employee Energy Pulse, to what extent employees gain energy from their work. The Energy Pulse score is an absolute score, not a percentage, varying between -100 and +100. A high score shows that employees get a lot of energy from their work.



What is a good Employee Energy Pulse score?

The Employee Energy Pulse is not just about measuring, it is about whether there is a rising trend in the score over a certain period compared to the period before. And that you find out why the employees gave a certain score. That says so much more than just a number.

How to increase the energy level of your employees?

The Energy Pulse is a method to easily measure and improve your Voice of Employee. To improve the Energy Pulse, it is important that you continuously measure this so that you know at all times which buttons should be turned. And not annually afterwards based on an extensive employee engagement survey with many questions that employees are usually not up for. That is just demotivating. Ask throughout the year what the energy level of your employees is and identify which department has the lowest or highest energy levels and discover the cause. Only then will you know exactly which improvements are needed to increase employee engagement.


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Whitepaper Employee Energy Pulse

Download the product whitepaper and discover everything about the Employee Energy Pulse, from the theoretical background to how the research is planned and what the specific results are for your organization.

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Employee Energy Pulse software

CYS makes it easy to request the Energy Pulse structurally and automatically in a certain period. To all employees or groups of employees.

Employees can be invited to complete the questionnaire via the medium that suits them (e-mail or mobile app, for example). For example, invite employees who are not often at the computer, such as engineers or store staff, to answer questions via a mobile app.

CYS remembers who has answered which questions and automatically sends reminders and notifications. The collection work is done for you, so that you can fully focus on the points for improvement in order to increase energy levels and employee involvement.


  • With the Employee Energy Pulse, you know at any time the energy balance of your employees at every level in the organization and what you can do to increase this.
  • The Energy Pulse score  is an Index Score which falls into a range from -100 to +100.
  • With our automated priority matrix, you can drill down per department, store, etc. so that it is clear at a glance on which level your organization scores well and where there are points for improvement.
  • With the open answers, you find out exactly what motivates employees.
  • All processes are automated, so all reports are always up-to-date and are automatically sent to the correct stakeholders.
  • All obtained insights are made visually attractive through dynamic infographics and attractive reports so that they become manageable and are brought to life in the organization.



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