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What is Employee Engagement

Employee engagement indicates to what extent an employee is emotionally involved in the company or organization. Higher engagement means higher productivity, more satisfaction and better performance and contributes to a customer-centric culture.

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E-book: Measuring and improving Employee Engagement

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Why is employee engagement important?

Organizations with a high employee engagement and that know exactly how to energize their employees are ahead of the others. They know how to attract and maintain talent and motivate employees, which increases productivity and decreases absenteeism. All this has a positive impact on the customer satisfaction as well. Secondary conditions, such as a good salary, pension, and bonuses simply don’t work on their own. Employees are increasingly motivated by self-development, delivering increasingly improved performance, and contributing to a 'higher' goal. That is where they get their energy from and what makes them loyal to companies that stimulate employee engagement. 


18% is 'actively disengaged' and 67% is 'disengaged.  

According Gallup’s "State of the Global Workplace” report, employee engagement is very low worldwide, only 15%.

Books such as ‘Flow’ of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and ‘Drive’ of Daniel Pink’ are based on many studies in the field of positive psychology and its impact on the work ethic of your employees and the organisational culture. They say that intrinsic motivation and a healthy corporate culture are the biggest factors to come into the 'flow' and give a 'drive' to your employees, through which employee engagement is increased in your organization. 

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How to measure employee engagement?

How do you measure employee engagement?

  • Employee Energy Pulse: How much energy does your employee have at any given time?
  • Experience Culture Scan: What does your employee think of the organizational culture?
  • 360 ⁰ Employee Feedback: What do employees think of each other?

Energy Pulse: The level of energy of your employees

Energy is a recognizable and even measurable concept that people will understand. It is beyond dispute that if we feel weary after a long day of work, this is not a good thing. On the other hand, if we love our work and we feel energized at the end of the day, it feels great! Intrinsic motivation is paramount.

The mapping of the degree of energy that an employee has at any given time gives a good indication about his/her employee involvement. This measurement methodology is intended as the proverbial 'finger on the pulse'. No recurring annual survey, but a short questionnaire that can be sent out regularly. You don't ask employees whether they feel 'engaged', a question that is difficult to answer because it is not clearly defined. Instead, you ask the employees how much energy they get from the work they do.

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Whitepaper: Employee Energy Pulse

Download the product whitepaper and discover everything about the Employee Energy Pulse, from the theoretical background to how the research is planned and what the specific results are for your organization.

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Experience Culture Scan

An organizational culture that strives for 'service-excellence' is one of the most important pillars as a basis for a customer-oriented organization. Cultural values, agreements with your employees, and behaviour are the main ingredients for an organisational culture. Organizations with the most 'happy' employees, or with a high level of employee engagement, have many similarities regarding these cultural values. Companies with 'the ideal customer-oriented culture' are often 'flat', in the sense that employees do not experience much hierarchy. There is a strong focus on interpersonal relationships and on celebrating success. In most cases, employees have the freedom to take responsibility themselves and come up with solutions themselves.

The Experience Culture Scan is a way to ask employees How customer-oriented they find your organizational culture. This score results from a number of 'grouped' statements based on the 4 basic values mentioned above. Each statement describes a certain aspect of the cultural values that are underlined by companies with a large employee engagement and customer focus.

360⁰ Employee feedback

People naturally like to get and give feedback, provided that this is done in a positive and constructive way. Positive feedback is a large motivator, and it helps people to become more confident and grow in their work. One-dimensional feedback is one-way traffic, with the supervisor evaluating the employee. If there is room for the employee to enter feedback, there’s 180⁰ feedback. With 360⁰ feedback, more than two people give their opinion on an employee. Think of managers, coaches, colleagues, or even suppliers or customers. This gives the employee a complete picture of his work without being held accountable for it.

With 360⁰ staff feedback, the employee himself is in control. He determines who and when he asks for feedback.

Do you want to know how Carglass facilitates employees to work more customer oriented? Read the blog.

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Whitepaper: eXperience Culture Scan

Download the product whitepaper and discover everything about the CYS eXperience Culture Scan. What is it and how does it work exactly? How is the research planned and what are the results for your organization?

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How to improve employee engagement?

Conditions to take the step from measuring to improving

To take the step from measuring to increasing employee engagement, it is important to set up your organization so that you can continuously make improvements on the following three levels:

Make sure you do not set aside only one time a year, but rather regularly bring up results with management. Ensure that the right data is available for management on a continuous basis.

Discover trends in your organization based on motivational analyses. Bring organizational, wide-ranging improvements that directly affect your organization's energy level, in all management layers and focused on specific departments. 

Make sure employees are involved in their own development every day. Give your employees what they deserve: tools to get a little better every day.

  • Do not request feedback once a year, but continuously
  • Don't ask endless questions, just ask a few questions at a time
  • Focus on intrinsic motivation, not external motivation
  • Forget hard factors such as salary and extras, focus on soft factors such as organizational culture
  • Make it easy, make it fun
  • Give people the space to give you feedback any time they like 
  • Respond to feedback



Software for employee engagement research

The ideal software for employee engagement research not only measures how your employees feel but also gives insights into why they feel the way they do. It is important that you regularly check up on your employees without long employee engagement questionnaires or unnecessary questions. Send questionnaires via a mobile app so that it is easy to answer questions, and send out a few questions at a time randomly and automatically. This way, you are ensured that at the end of the ride, all the questions are answered without your employees feeling that they are being overasked. Visualize and make information manageable in your software system dashboard or with attractive infographics, so that assays and priorities are easily understood to be able to take follow-up actions.

Key features for employee engagement software

Automated and continuous research

Get the right insights into employee engagement automatically and continuously, so that your organization can make the right decisions.

Question your target audience as intelligently as possible

Let the software memorize who has already answered which questions and send automated reminders. Give employees the possibility of completing their questionnaire at a later date, or to fill in fewer questions if they have little time.

Focus on energy and reduce absenteeism

Measure through the Energy Pulse Scan continuously what the energy balance of your employees is and Get automated insight into what you can do to increase this.

Measure how customer oriented your culture is

Get a complete picture of your organization's customer focus by submitting automated statements to your employees on a regular basis.  

Visualization of data

Create data that is visually appealing through dynamic infographics, so that it's manageable and fun to work with the results.

Easily make training available and track progress (online training)

Translate business improvement priorities into (online) training to improve the knowledge and know-how of your employees for a structural increase.

Focus on fun and positivity

Bring figures and objectives to life with gamification and challenge employees to learn from and motivate each other. 

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