Improve Employee Engagement

Looking to increase employee engagement and decrease employee turnover? Collect employee feedback continuously and automatically with CYS software and gain insight into whether employees are satisfied and how much energy they get from the work they are doing. Not an endless questionnaire asked once or twice a year, but smart, short surveys. Based on the feedback from these, CYS automatically gives you insight into the priorities you should be focusing on. At a glance, it is made clear on which points your organization scores well and where any improvements are necessary. With attractive infographics and dashboards, results are made manageable for all organizational levels. 

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Continuous research

Collect feedback automatically and gain the right insights to increase employee engagement and decrease employee turnover.


Prioritize improvements

At a glance it is clear on which points your organization scores well and where improvement is necessary.


Real time reports

All reports are always up to date and are automatically sent to the appropriate stakeholders.


Multi-channel data collection

With the mobile application for tablet and smartphone (iOS and Android) giving feedback is as easy as possible.


Short questionnaires

Increase the response rate with short questionnaires, and continuously get the correct insights you need to increase staff engagement. 


E-Book: Measuring and improving Employee Engagement

Are employees feeling comfortable? Are they going to work every day full of energy? This e-book gives you insights and guidelines to improve employee engagement in your organization.

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Why CYS?


Smart research methods

Choose our smart research methods like Employee Energy Pulse, eXperience Culture Scan, and 360˚ Feedback Manager.


Positive psychology

Our Voice of Employee programs are based on the work of the founders of positive psychology.


Start immediately

Save time with our clever, ready-to-start employee research programs. You can start immediately and don’t have to buy any knowledge. Or simply build your own questionnaire.

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Start immediately

Find out exactly whether employees are engaged and why. Start collecting employee feedback today and improve engagement.

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