The employee as super promoter

Attention to your enthusiastic customers has a positive effect on the service and customer focus of your organization. You could read that in the previous 2 blogs in this series of 7 blogs about ‘Deliver the best service’.

How can you use the most enthusiastic employees in your organization to improve your service? And how do you awaken enthusiasm? You can read that in this blog.

The effort of your employees determines the level of your NPS

Research has shown that the effort of your employees determines the level of your NPS. The motivation for the extent to which customers would recommend your organization to others largely has to do with how the contact between the customer and your employee(s) went.

Enthusiastic employees who interact with customers are not only the calling card for your company, but if they are really enthusiastic, also the best ‘super promoter‘ for your brand. They proudly tell family and friends at parties how much fun it is to work for your company and thus indirectly advertise your brand. They also leave an important stamp on the atmosphere in an organization.

“Just like the customer group, this group of enthusiastic colleagues is often an undervalued group. After all, most attention is focused on problems, which is why the group of Super promoters receives little attention. While here the energy is present to positively change an organization and make it customer oriented.” Thus, Rijn Vogelaar in his book ‘The Super promoter – About the power of enthusiasm’.