Which KPI for customer feedback?

Listening to the stories of your customers and put their importance first. That is where the focus lies for customer-oriented organizations and their entire business operations. But how do you come across as an organization when a customer is really enthusiastic? How do you measure the result? You can read that in this blog.

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How does your Net Promoter Score (NPS) research become the success you have in mind?

How does your Net Promoter Score (NPS) research become the success you have in mind? The secret is in the three pillars of ‘Net Promoter Success’: Collect the data you need, in a way it gives insights, and call for action.

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Measuring employee engagement in a customer-oriented culture

Committed and customer-oriented employees are the basis for a good experience. But as you have read in the previous blog, finding and motivating employees is more difficult than ever. But how do you know that you are well on your way, how do you measure employee engagement? And how do you measure whether the culture of your company is customer-oriented? Three elements are important for this: intrinsic motivation, corporate culture and structural feedback.

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employee-engagement-the- developments-and-challenges

Employee engagement: the developments and challenges

You know that your customers are important and you know that you have to meet their expectations by listening to them. But do not forget those who make customer satisfaction and customer loyalty possible; your employees! They are in direct contact with your customers, so make sure your employees feel involved, satisfied and happy to work for the organization. Committed and customer-oriented employees are the basis for a good experience.

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Five tips to increase the response to your feedback request

If it is your aim to increase the customer centricity of your organization, collecting feedback is of key importance. While collecting feedback, you want your response to be as high as possible of course, because the more data you have, the more focused you can work on the customer experience.

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CYS obtains ISO 27001 Certification for Information Security

We are very proud to announce that CYS has officially obtained the ISO 27001 Certification, the worldwide standard for Information Security. A confirmation of what we have always committed ourselves to; after all, data is the core of our existence! ‘With the new privacy legislation and security issues, more and more questions from customers and suppliers arise about how we deal with the security of data. By achieving this ISO 27001 certification, we have demonstrated that we handle their data safely and that gives us confidence", explains Emmy van Doornmalen, Security Officer at CYS.

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Why customer focus is not enough for optimal customer experience

Imagine that a hotel has beautiful rooms in a great location for a good price, but at the reception you find only grumpy employees. Or the hotel employees are just great but the rooms are very filthy. In both cases you have a negative customer experience and you will never go to the hotel in question again.

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CYS and Cider offer a digital audit solution for the healthcare sector

In close collaboration, Cider (Centre for Infectious Disease Expertise and Research) and CYS offer a user-friendly technical solution for the healthcare sector to identify and reduce the contamination risks of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, the so-called Infection Risk Scan (IRIS). Previously, all data was collected on paper. Bas Wintermans, physician-microbiologist, says in an interview enthusiastically about this successful methodology and its translation into a user-friendly online environment by CYS.

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CYS wins FD Gazellen award again

For the second time in a row CYS is one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. This year we receive the FD Gazellen Award for the second year in a row. 

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How CYS cooperates in reducing antibiotic resistance

The biggest insidious problem of our society, antibiotic resistance (according to the World Health Organization), is being tackled integrally by 9 hospitals, 7 public health services, 7 knowledge institutions and 3 companies from the Netherlands and Belgium. Via a subproject of this joint i-4-1 health project, the Infection RIsico Scan (IRIS), infection risks are uniformly mapped through a user-friendly app. How does CYS contribute to this project? You can read that in this blog.

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