Enrich and combine data

Enrich data

Combine existing and new data and research on one platform, make connections and prepare reports.

Improve data

As a company you probably use multiple software solutions. Sometimes custom solutions, sometimes SAAS solutions and often departments still use Excel files to store data. All these datasets and software solutions are designed and built for a specific purpose. For example, if you use a customer service system, this system and the associated data (structure) are set up to handle tickets, questions or complaints as well as possible. When you use a CRM system, this system and its data (structure) are designed to keep track of activities and tasks related to your (potential) customer. When you have stores or a webshop, the systems are focused on buying products and an efficient checkout process.

None of your software systems and their underlying data structure are specifically set up for research, reporting, insights and business intelligence. These systems have their own data structures and often lack relevant information needed to conduct research and provide the reporting and insights you need as a company. Data that is usually missing or incomplete are the organization’s reporting structure and background variables of customers and employees.

CYS allows you to edit and improve your data with automated processes. You can use our simple wizard or use advanced SQL scripting. All these improvements need to be set once and then CYS continuously and automatically improves each record.

The result is that your reports, insights and crucial KPIs are always reported up-to-date and that filtering, comparing and trends are always in line with the current situation.

Enrich data

Every company or department faces the challenge of keeping data up to date with the latest changes. Managers changing roles, reorganisations, department restructuring, changing customers and employees, new insights about segmentation and many more changes that affect your data, research and specifically the reporting structure. Where is the most current file? Which system contains the correct organizational structure? Where is the most recent database?

The impact on the reports is enormous. Not only to keep track of changes for future insights, but also to adapt all existing data and reports to the new situation. In CYS we have found the perfect solution. By creating one or more reference databases that contain the actual structure and correct information, any project in CYS can use this information to enrich, improve or replace the data in that project. For future records, but also for all existing records.

This reference database can be updated manually or automatically (using API or import procedures). Using a Vlookup CYS, all your new records are automatically updated with the new data structure, without any manual work. If necessary, the CYS software will update and repair all historical records in all databases within 4 hours after the reference database is updated.

The result is that your reports, insights and crucial KPIs are always reported up-to-date and that filtering, comparing and trends are always in line with the current situation.

Combine data

Data is usually stored in different systems and in different formats, which makes combining data time-consuming and error-prone.

With CYS you can easily combine multiple data sources. From the data sources, you can drag and drop the data you need into one database and use it for analysis and reporting.

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