Working together towards a higher Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is one of the most commonly used methods to measure customer loyalty. No long questionnaires, but one concrete question: ‘how likely would you recommend us?’ CYS continues where NPS ends. With our research platform you can easily share results with the organization and use the results as a starting point to optimize daily services.


Create the best customer experiences ever

Customer satisfaction goes beyond a loyalty score. CYS gives you insights and actions to keep building the best customer experiences ever. We use the NPS as a starting point and enrich it with the three-question method. With these open questions with driver analysis, you gain a deeper understanding of the customer experience.

  • Add your data and house style and start immediately with the NPS questionnaire
  • Analyze results with automated reports and dashboards
  • Supplement NPS with our 3-question method for real insight

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From analysis to action points for the entire organization

Analyze the NPS and discover what customers really think of you. Set up automatic reports and link actions to specific triggers. Set up emails for negative reviews so that sales or customer service can follow up immediately. Automatically create tasks, link them to the responsible colleague and follow the progress via your personal dashboard.