Our tool

Make every experience matter

Create unforgettable experiences by getting to know customers and employees even better. Our platform is built to design research the way you want it, to convert data into concrete actions and to involve the entire organization.

About the platform

CYS offers a versatile, flexible and automated research platform: from research, data analysis, converting results into action points to automated reports. All in one platform. Combine different studies and data sources and discover the story behind hard numbers in your experience management studies. Why do customers recommend you? Why do employees feel less involved? Are all ‘hygiene’ factors in your organization in order? Make results transparent and understandable for all organizational levels with attractive infographics, dashboards and automated reports and push notifications.

How do we do that?

See what data you already have at home

What is your research question, what data do you need and what data do you already have in house? Bring all your data sources together on one platform and map out what you already know about the customer or employee journey. Link different studies and data sources to our system without technical conditions. The data comes in blank, so you can read, link and enrich data as you wish.