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Everyone is responsible for enthusiastic customers, from back office to sales.

Taco van der Pompe, CEO CYS

4 question research method

When conducting market research, you often need many questions to get to the core of the customer needs. However, a long questionnaire often discourages customers and they cannot always express their true feelings or complaints. CYS has introduced a new method based on the Root Cause Analysis method (RCA) which is often used in IT: You drill down entirely to the real root of a problem. This way you solve the real problem rather than battling with the symptoms.

With our unique questioning method you can easily ask customers for feedback on a daily basis. You collect a treasure trove of information which you can then directly follow up on to improve the customer focus of your organization every day. 

4 question research method

Short and powerful questionnaire based on KPI’s such as NPS, CES or CSAT
Based on the previously mentioned KPI’s such as NPS, CES or CSAT, a short and powerful questionnaire with a maximum of 4 questions is created. Using these 4 questions, up to 64 categories can be assessed, including the needs per category and even per employee. This way each employee can be given insight on a daily basis regarding individual customer satisfaction, loyalty or service orientation and thus follow up on these to improve the KPI’s. 

Use the power of open questions and ‘storytelling’
With our unique questioning method, we always ask an open question to understand the real needs of the customers as much as possible. After all, the story and emotion behind it say so much more than just a score. Thus, we don’t only ask for the score but also why they gave it in an openanswer box. Then the customer is asked to choose a category for which this is most relevant. This way the organization can see exactly why the customer had a good or poor experience. Compliments always motivatie workers and complaints can be immediately followed up on. 

Impact through the use of customer data 
The customer feedback is automatically linked to your internal customer and employee data. Due to the driver analysis you don’t just know what the needs are of your customers, but also why they have these needs and which follow-up measures you can use:

  • Relate the loyalty of customers directly to the service of a team, a step in the customer journey or a product
  • Follow individual customer feedback and carry out follow-up actions (Closed loop feedback)
  • Find out if the sales employee with the highest revenue also yields the most loyal customers.

Use of reports
If you want to follow up on customer feedback immediately, it is important that your managers and employees can receive insights to do so easily and automatically. Thus, we modify the medium for the reports depending on the user, your employees. For example: 

  • Mobile app for IOS and Android: For use in the workplace or shop
  • Online Dashboards: For in different departments, the boardroom or the canteen
  • Analysis of background variables with filters and comparisons
  • Tables
  • Automatic push reports in PDF and/or Excel

Would you like to know more about our unique method to make your business more customer orientated on a daily basis? Feel free to contact us.



  • Customer feedback that can be directly followed up by the entire organisation
  • Collect a treasure of valuable management information on a daily basis
  • Power in open answers: Know the exact needs of your customers
  • Ease due to efficient questionnaires

Energize your organization 
Since the day back in 1937, when Cornelis Bruynzeel commissioned Piet Zwart to design his first kitchen, customer focus took root in the DNA of the organization. Bruynzeel wanted a beautiful, functional product that could be mass produced, so that in spite of the high quality the costs would remain low and the kitchens would be affordable for everyone. This customer centric approach can nowadays be seen, not only in the product itself but also in the entire customer journey that is travelled when you buy a Bruynzeel kitchen. We talk to Koen Muijs, manager customer service, about the enormous step forward that the famous producer of kitchens has made during these last couple of years. Continue reading Koen Muijs story 

Or watch our product video  



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