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Really listening to your customers pays off, always!

Koen Muijs, CX Manager CYS

Customer feedback monitor

Using the CYS customer feedback monitor, you can measure your customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and customer enthusiasm. The collected data will then be linked to your internal customer and employee data, so that it can be directly translated into follow-up measures per department or even individual employees. Customer feedback that can be used on an everyday basis. 


Customer feedback monitor

Impact due to the use of customer feedback
CYS analyses your internal data files and connects them to the customers’ experience. Using the driver analysis, you know not only what the needs are of your customers, but also why they have these needs and how you can fulfil them:

  • Relate the loyalty and satisfaction of your customers directly to the service of a team, a step in your customer journey or a product.
  • Coach individual employees based on personal feedback.
  • Looking at feedback across your entire customer journey gives a broader insight.
  • Follow individual customer feedback and carry out follow-up actions (closed loop feedback).
  • Find out if the sales employee with the highest revenue also yields the most satisfied and loyal customers.

Short, powerful and attractive questionnaires 
Thanks to CYS’ innovative questioning process based on the Root Cause Analysis Method, the customer only needs to answer 4 questions, in order for your company to gain a wide understanding. The short questionnaire looks professional and we create it to suit the style of your brand or business. The customer will be familiar with the brand when they receive the questionnaire and is more likely to answer a few short questions rather than an endless questionnaire. This has been proven to increase response  levels.

Customer Feedback Monitor

Automated insight in to drivers of NPS (Net Promoter Score), CES (Customer Effort Score) or CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score)
Based on valuable KPI’s and metrics such as NPS (Net Promoter Score) or CES (Customer Effort Score), CYS automatically makes a priority analysis per KPI. Not only once, it does so automatically for every period and every department, every process or even for every employee. This analysis includes no less then 64 different categories. This immediately clarifies which buttons you must press to make sure your customers are as loyal and satisfied as possible.

More information about Customer Experience and KPI’s? Download our e-book ‘Measuring and Managing Customer Experience’.


The stories of customers are a priority in our 4-question method. Our entire solution is aimed at getting employees to really understand what customers mean. Thus, all drivers are backed up by real stories of customers. This makes it easier for employees to make decisions that substantially benefit the improvement of your most important KPI; NPS (Net Promoter Score), CES (Customer Effort Score) or CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score).
Use of reports 
However important an aesthetically pleasing dashboard or report is, in the end it will only help improve customer loyalty if the insights are actually used and implemented. CYS promotes the use by adjusting the way of reporting and medium for each user, your employees. Think about:

  • Online Dashboards
  • Analyzing surroundings with filters and comparisons
  • Tables
  • Mobile app for IOS or Android
  • Automatic push reports in PDF and/or Excel

By choosing the right medium for each user group, the use will substantially increase and thus the customer loyalty will be positively influenced.

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  • We connect different customer data such as CRM, Sales figures, Support data and Visitor data to the feedback from customers.
  • Short and powerful survey with unique 4 question system where the stories of the customer are a priority.
  • Reporting and insights modified to the user group for optimal use.

Customer feedback as input for continuous improvement
Start People is one of the biggest HR service providers in the Netherlands. It strives to add value during all phases of an individual's working life; when you are looking for your first job, when you are trying to find the right study for further development of if you need support to get back into the labor market. We talk to Linda Zomer, consultant process optimization and implementation: “It is our conviction that work brings value into everyone's life. Customer feedback tells us how we can support people even better and how we can increase that value.” Continue reading Linda's story

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Linda Zomer

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