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Everyone is responsible for enthusiastic customers, from back office to sales.

Taco van der Pompe, CEO CYS

Customer journey research

During their customer journey, customers often travel between different departments, but usually see the company as a whole. With our Customer Feedback Monitor you can continuously ask for customer feedback at all the important contact moments and before the most important touchpoints throughout the customer’s journey.

This way you catch all the customers’ needs on a daily basis and can directly follow up. Departments and processes can then be fine-tuned to work together to create an unambiguous, optimal customer experience before, during and after the buying process.

Customer journey research

Targeted and dynamic questionnaires

With CYS’ unique method you can send a structurally targeted and short questionnaire at each important step and touch-point in the customer journey. With just 4 questions based on the Root Cause Analysis Method, you can report up to 64 different categories. A treasure of information that allows you to guide your organization and the processes within the customer journey on a daily basis. 

Impact through the use of customer data
CYS analyses your internal data files from different sources and connects this information with the experiences of your customers at any given moment and Touchpoint in the customer journey:

  • You get a much deeper insight in to the needs of your customer during the entire customer journey.
  • Relate the loyalty of your customers directly to the service of a team or a product in each customer journey phase.
  • Closed Loop Feedback: Individual customer feedback can be immediately followed up with concrete actions, directly by the correct person in the organization.

Individual customer feedback

The right KPI for every phase in the customer journey
There are different KPI’s and metrics such as NPS (Net Promoter Score), CES (Customer Effort Score) or CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) that fit to different steps in the customer journey. The NPS recommendation question, for example, makes more sense to ask after the product is bought while the CES makes more sense when a customer contacts the contact center (How much effort it is for the client to get an answer to their question/complaint). CYS automatically and perpetually creates an analysis per KPI, for each period and each department, for each process or even for each employee. You know exactly where to go and what to do in order to optimize your customer journey. 

More information about Customer Experience and KPI’s? Download our e-book ‘Measuring and Managing Customer Experience’.  


To be able to address the needs of your customers as well as possible, it is important to know where exactly these needs come from and why the customer has that specific need at that moment. We don’t only ask the customers to give your company a score, but also why they chose it, in an open-answer field. This way you know the story behind the score, also known as ‘storytelling’. This makes it much easier for employees to determine which KPI (NPS, CES or CSAT) is most important and needs improving as they know exactly why a customer has had a positive or negative experience. Since open-answers are not ideal for analysis in a report, we also have a unique Root Cause Method. 

Use of reports
If you want to directly follow-up on the received customer feedback during the customer journey, it is extremely important that your managers and employees can immediately, easily and automatically receive insights. Therefore, we adjust the medium for delivering the reports to the users. For example:

  • Mobile app for IOS and Android: For use in the workplace or shop
  • Online Dashboards: For in different departments, the boardroom or the canteen.
  • Analysis of background variables with filters and comparisons
  • Tables
  • Automatic push reports in PDF and/or Excel




  • CYS perfectly connects with your customer journey by combining all the data sources in to one solution
  • Dynamic setup so that each customer and each step in the customer journey receives questions only relative to them
  • Smart and dynamic reporting, adjusted to the audience and with a clear focus on what is important in the eyes of the customer.

Enthusiastic clients due to involved employees.

Carglass is the expert in the Netherlands when it comes to replacing and repairing car windows. Next to that, around 10% of Carglass service centers, now also repair small car damages. “We noticed an increased need amongst consumers, to also have small damage repaired in a very transparent manner", explains Josh Titulaer, Operations Services Manager at Carglass. So, in the same way that Carglass repairs windows; fast, hassle free and supported by clear communication so that the customer always knows exactly what's in store. Continue reading Josh's story

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