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I challenge you by getting the most out of your data.

Taco van der Pompe, CEO CYS

Customer satisfaction research

Nowadays, the voice of the customer is more important than ever before. Customer satisfaction research is therefore a must for market driven companies that are prepared to listen to their customers.

However, if you really want to make a difference and distinguish yourself then simply knowing the extent of your customer’s satisfaction is not enough. What really matters is what you do with this information and how you will improve your customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction research

Short, aesthetic and responsive questionnaires
We have a unique approach towards market research. With a short and attractive questionnaire consisting of only 4 questions that are easy to respond to, we can asses and report back on no less than 64 different categories. This allows your organisation to obtain the necessary information without bugging the customers with long and complicated questionnaires.

Customer satisfaction research

Getting value from your customer data
Using our method, the obtained customer feedback will be linked to several (customer)databases. By including this customer data in such a way, our method allows for complete different insights which are not present in more ‘traditional’ customer satisfaction research. Usually many different IT systems are used, each with their own set of interesting information. This is no problem for us and all data can be incorporated into the analysis.

Reports, insights and priorities
As a result of detailed reporting, everybody will understand how they can contribute to increasing customer satisfaction within their responsibilities. The reports are easily accessible via an app (IOS/Android) and focus on the priorities of what is most important for the company.

Action and user experience
We make sure that the data of the customer satisfaction research does not get held up at one single department or ends up at the bottom of the pile. The detailed insights and improvements are sent directly to the correct people so that they know where the priorities lie and can start increasing customer satisfaction immediately.

Would you like to get more out of your customer satisfaction research and be able to immediately start improving? CYS makes market research practical, clear and simple for the entire organisation. Everything is aimed at what is of real importance to your company. 


  • Short questionnaire with unique Root Cause analysis method
  • Links new data to CRM and existing customer data for extra insight
  • Focus on what is of real importance and shows clear priorities for the entire company.

PGGM brings research to life
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Or download our free e-book: Ten steps towards a customer centric organizationBy using many examples from day to day life, tips and tools, we strive to bring you closer to a truly customer centric organization. 


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