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CYS has translated the IRIS method into a user-friendly technical solution.

Taco van der Pompe, CEO

IRIS (Infection Prevention Risk Scan) solution healthcare

The IRIS (Infection Prevention Risk Scan) very easily identifies the risk of infection in the workplace for healthcare institutions. This scan consists of a patient measurement and a departmental scan that together give a complete picture of all risk factors. A scientifically proven methodology translated by CYS into a user-friendly online management environment, in which a full IRIS scan or parts of it can be managed, planned and coordinated.

With this solution, all measurements are inventoried in an unambiguous way. And through analyses and reports, insight can be made available at a glance where areas for improvement are possible to prevent the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.



Easy setup of projects, users and planning
Without any intrinsic knowledge of IRIS or complex research methods, you can implement projects easily via the online environment. Indicate the start and end dates and the users per metric or aspect and determine the amount of measurements. Manage metrics for patients and departments such as:

  • Hand hygiene
  • Clothing regulations
  • Structural conditions
  • Environmental contamination
  • Patient scan 

Easy to enter via mobile app
Via the mobile app, the users, those who perform the scans on the work floor, easily enter all data on tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android). Switch easily between the tabs for the different parts and work with several people at the same time on one project. 

Clear and visual management reports
Through the visually attractive reports and dashboards Experts Infection Prevention can give feedback to the management and nursing staff of a healthcare institution. Increase the involvement and cooperation between healthcare providers and other institutions to reduce antibiotic resistance.

Get insight into the risk of infection via automatically generated dashboards at a glance and real-time:

  • View and analyse the improvement plot for departments and risk profiles for patients
  • Make visual comparisons per department and other institutions
  • Easily zoom in on the results (endless filtering)
  • Check interim measurements if the risks are reduced


  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • No technical or substantive knowledge required
  • Mobile app for tablet and smartphone (iOS and android)
  • Beautiful real-time visual reporting
  • Make comparisons between departments and other institutions

This digital environment is the first step towards a completely new solution for various branches, with which complete audits or components can be performed, visualized and reported in a simple manner.

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