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Make loyalty and enthusiasm tangible by really listening to your customer.

Bjorn van Raaij, Accountmanager CYS

Net Promoter System

Many companies use the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure customer loyalty. But what exactly does this score tell us and how can it be improved every day? NPS is not about the score, but rather about the system implemented in your organization. With our solution you are not only able to measure NPS easily and on a daily basis, but also connect follow-up measures to steer your company in the right direction, even up to a individual employee level, and thus improve customer loyalty.  

Net promoter score

Impact due to the use of customer feedback
The gathered feedback is automatically linked to the internal customer and employee data, allowing the information to be immediately translated in to follow-up actions per department, location and individual employees. Through the use of the NPS driver analysis you are given detailed feedback on why or why not your customer would recommend you to others;

  • Relate the loyalty of customers directly to the service of a team, a step in the customer journey or a product.
  • Follow individual customer feedback and carry out follow-up actions (Closed loop feedback)
  • Coach individual employees 1 on 1 based on personal feedback
  • Find out if the sales employee with the highest revenue also yields the most loyal customers.

Short and powerful questionnaire based on NPS
With our innovative questioning process based on the Root Cause Analysis Method you don’t just measure the Net Promoter Score, but also why the customer gave you this score with three simple follow up questions. After asking the recommendation question, the customer is asked why would or wouldn’t recommend your company in an open-answer box and choose to which category this feedback belongs. Based on this information you can analyze the driver of the Net Promoter Score in up to 64 different categories. This gives a deeper insight in to the ‘why’ of the given NPS.

Net Promoter System  deeper insight

Automated insight in to NPS (Net Promoter Score)
Based on NPS, CYS continuously makes a completely automatic priority analysis for each department, each process or even each employee. You get a lot from measuring the Net Promoter Score. It becomes a system with which you can guide your company based on the given customer feedback to improve your customer loyalty. 

More information about Customer Experience and KPI’s? Download our e-book ‘Measuring and Managing Customer Experience’.  


Our entire method is aimed at allowing your employees to truly understand the customers. Therefore we back the NPS up with real stories of customers. Like this the employees can get a deeper understanding of the story and emotion behind the score. This really allows the customer feedback to drive the company in to improving the customer experience and thus improve the customer loyalty (Net Promoter Score). 

Use of reports 
Quality dashboards and reports must of course also be used. We optimize the usage by adjusting the way of reporting and the medium to the user, for example:

  • Mobile app for IOS and Android showing the NPS priorities
  • Personalized online dashboards for different stakeholders
  • Analysis of background variables with filters and comparisons
  • Tables
  • Automatic push reports on PDF and/or Excel

This way you can choose the correct medium for each user so that you can make sure the gathered insights go to the correct employees and are followed up.



  • Allow for an increase in NPS (Net Promoter Score) due to employees having a full understanding of how to make customers more loyal.
  • We link the NPS data to the customer and employee data to allow a deeper insight and differentiated feedback of the NPS results.
  • Follow the NPS in real-time through the use of mobile IOS and Android which include personal (management) information.

Customer feedback ensures that experiences match expectations 
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