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Make loyalty and enthusiasm tangible by really listening to your customer.

Bjorn van Raaij, Accountmanager CYS

Online reputation management with the help of customer feedback

Online reviews have become much more important than ever before, especially for your online image. When buying a product or service, (potential) clients are starting to look more and more at the online reviews of other users on social media and review sites. However, what often happens is that there is a biased online impression of your company or brand as not many people will spontaneously leave a review unless extremely happy or unhappy with the product/service. Thus it has become a big challenge to gather and manage reviews, then also win the trust of the customer with them. Our online reputation management tool allows you to get a grip and has proven to immediately improve your online image. 

Online reputation management

Manage prominent, independent review sites from one easy-to-use system
Due to perfect integration it becomes possible to have all the feedback gathered by CYS automatically sent on to different important review sites such an Opiness, Trustpilot and The Feedback Company. This way you can easily get a grip on your online reputation in one eay-to-use system with user-friendly dashboards and reports.

Only ask your customers for feedback once and immediately follow up (online)
Using our online reputation management tool, you only ask customers for feedback once. By categorizing this feedback you can immediately and automatically follow up on this feedback (online). 

  • Ask customers who give positive scores to give you a ‘Like’ on Facebook or to share their feedback on Twitter.
  • Ask promoters/fans and loyal customers to leave a review on a platform of their choice.
  • Send complaints immediately to incident managers/customer feedback for immediate follow up. Often a customer with a problem can become an ambassador if the complaint is handled well

Would you also like to get a grip on your online image and improve it too? Make an appointment with no further obligation to discuss the possibilities. 



  • More control of reviews: Lead positive customer reviews to review websites which are important to your brand
  • Guide all review sites from one system
  • Only ask customers for feedback once

E-book: Ten steps towards a customer centric organization
Customer experience, customer loyalty and Customer Experience. Topics that are high on the agenda at many companies. But how do you make your organization client-oriented? Download our free e-book full of examples from practice, tips and tools to help you on your way to a customer-oriented organization. 


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