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We don't manage customer centricity top-down, it starts at ground level and employees can see exactly how they can impact on it themselves.

Josh Titulaer, Operations Services Manager Carglass

Enthusiastic customers thanks to engaged employees

Carglass is the expert in the Netherlands when it comes to replacing and repairing car windows. Next to that, around 10% of Carglass service centers, now also repair small car damages. “We noticed an increased need amongst consumers, to also have small damage repaired in a very transparent manner", explains Josh Titulaer, Operations Services Manager at Carglass. So, in the same way that Carglass repairs windows; fast, hassle free and supported by clear communication so that the customer always knows exactly what's in store.


100% enthusiastic
Customer satisfaction is probably the single most important point of focus in Carglass. “As an organization we don't just go all the way to make sure our customers are satisfied, we aim for 100% enthusiastic customers" starts Josh “and if you want to verify this, you need to measure it of course. We wanted to understand how our strategy was experienced by our customers.” Using CYS, Carglass measures the NPS amongst its customers. “That provides us with a lot of information, especially in combination with the open answers. On top of that, it allows us to react very quickly. If, for instance, you can see that in a certain period customers have to wait longer than normal before they can be served, you can immediately analyze that information and take appropriate action. You can react to the trends that you see and immediately include what your customers have to say about it.”

With an average NPS above 75, Carglass has an exceptionally high score. “If you see how critical everyone is in our Dutch society and how high we score, I think we are doing extremely well, if I say so myself" Josh laughs. “Customer Satisfaction is really in the DNA of our organization, it is always the most important focus in anything we do. I think I can say that this really differentiates us in the market from other players."

Start at ground level
“We are convinced that, if employees can see for themselves what is required to create enthusiasm amongst customers, this works ten times better than any plan we might come up with in head office. It is therefore important that employees are directly involved with the outcome of the feedback. Josh: “CYS offers a really great app which is now installed on the mobile phone of each of our service engineers. It allows them to see exactly how they are doing this week, month or year. Both the scores and the motivation in the open answers are available for our staff one day after a customer has filled in the questionnaire. We don't try to enforce customer centricity top-down, it starts at ground level and each employee can see exactly how they can contribute to it.” And what if the client has a less positive reaction? “That's never nice, of course, but instead of not knowing at all, it does provide extra insight and a chance to discuss how to avoid a similar problem in the future.”

Employees in head office also make intensive use of the app, because it allows them to set up their own dashboard: “If it is important to you to receive certain information in a particular format every week, you can set this up in the CYS dashboard. Take for instance an account manager who is in contact with an insurance company, who are our business partners. They can set up their dashboard in such a way, that it only shows the feedback of the customers of this particular insurance company. It is a great tool to share the experience of our customers with both our employees and our business partners.”

Exceed expectations
You don't create enthusiastic customers by living up to their expectations, you have to exceed them, according to Josh: “For instance, we encourage that customers come into the service center and witness the process. People like the fact that there is contact with the service engineer who is repairing the car. He will offer the customer some safety glasses so they can see how the window is being repaired. We thought of that concept, but the results of the feedback show that customers do actually appreciate it and that it is one of the reasons why they choose us.” Exceeding expectations is often a matter of getting the details right. If you go to Carglass to have a window repaired, your car will be cleaned and vacuumed when you pick it up. Josh: “In spite of the fact that we make that promise in our commercials, the feedback shows that customers are still positively surprised by this. Magazines are another example. We have them on the coffee tables in all our service centers and personally I thought this was somewhat old fashioned. Do people still read magazines? But when the feedback results show that customers explicitly mention the magazines as a positive feature, you know that you should certainly not cancel the subscriptions but maybe even get more. Insights like these are extremely valuable and help us to get closer and closer to our target of 100% enthusiastic customers.”

And the results are

Listening ear

Asking for feedback, gives a customer the opportunity to be heard. When you have just had a great experience, or a disappointing one, you can tell your story. Carglass listens and takes initiative, together with the employees involved in the story.

Best employer

If you expect your employees to show 100% commitment towards your customers, you are stimulated as an organization to set an example for your employees. Carglass has done this with great success. The company was rewarded a special prize as "best employer in the Netherlands".

Immediate action

Because results are immediately available as actionable information, Carglass can react very quickly to trends or problems and take the required action.

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