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Below you will find everything about what customer experience means and why customer experience is important. With many tips on how you can not only measure customer experience, but also improve it. And what tools do you need to put this into practice.

Why is Customer Experience important?

In markets with increasing competition, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish yourself on the basis of, for example, price, product or service. You make the difference by offering a unique customer experience. How does the customer experience your organisation, product or service? While 80% of managers in organizations think they provide an excellent experience, only 8% of their customers agree. These developments in the market have created Customer Experience Management. If you implement a proactive Customer Experience Management (CXM) program, you prevent these percentages from applying to your organization.


Everything revolves around winning the heart of the customer. With the aim of helping a customer to become a loyal customer. A customer who is loyal to your organization and who recommends your company, brand, product or service to others. The distinctive experience of your customers must align with your brand and brand promise. This is how you build the brand. Shaun Smith, one of the Customer Experience Management gurus, says:

“The experience you deliver to your customers every day, through every contact, direct or indirect, increases or decreases the value of your brand.”

Traditional business no longer exists with increasingly empowered customers who express this through various public channels such as social media and review sites. Customers are gaining more and more insight and the market is becoming more transparent. So you can no longer make a distinction based on price and product. Service and customer experience are your opportunities to distinguish yourself as a brand.


A successful CX program, from measuring to improving

Bringing customer experience to life is a major challenge for many organizations. In this e-book you can read how to improve customer experience and motivate employees.