Voice of Customer

Start your Voice of Customer program, learn to understand your customers better and improve the customer experience.


Want to know everything about Voice of Customer?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Below you will find all information about what Voice of Customer entails and why it is important to focus on this.

Why is the Voice of Customer important?

For years, things like price, product and quality were of greater value than the customer himself. But now the Voice of the Customer is more important than ever. Customers make the choice for your brand or organization based on customer experience. How they experience your brand, your service, your products and logistics, etc. The impact of a customer experience is increasing, everyone is watching online with the customer and the organization. As a result, the risk of failure for organizations has become much greater. There are few people who do not first consult all kinds of reviews from other consumers before booking a holiday or buying a certain product.

Make these experiences and customer experience transparent to optimize processes. If, for example, the results of customer feedback structurally show that there is dissatisfaction with the telephone complaint handling process, then it is a lost opportunity not to respond to this. By hearing negative and positive feedback, you can improve but also immediately see where you score well. And that is what you as an organization would like to know!

Gaining insight into your company’s Voice of the Customer contributes to:

  • a customer-oriented organization
  • an improvement in customer satisfaction
  • higher customer loyalty
  • a great recommendation score (NPS)
  • lower failure costs due to fewer complaints

The needs of your customers and their behavior can be a true source of inspiration for your organization. Ultimately, the use of the Voice of Customer will certainly contribute to a more customer-oriented organization.

Also listen to the Voice of Employee and Voice of Business!

Today, if you really want to improve and differentiate, you will not only have to focus on the Voice of Customer, but also on your internal organization and the employees. After all, happy employees also mean happy customers. And to make and keep your employees and customers happy, the foundation of your organization must be in perfect order (delivering the best quality and service, healthy business operations, etc.).

With only listening to the Voice of Customer you can no longer stand head and shoulders above it. ‘Experience Management’ (and no longer ‘Customer Experience Management’), on the other hand, looks at customer orientation and what this yields from 3 pillars as a holistic whole:

  • Voice of Customer (VoC)
  • Voice of Employee (VoE)
  • Voice of Business (VoB)

In the e-book ‘ The power of Experience Management ‘ you will find all background information and all developments that influence this holistic view of customer experience are described.