Want to know everything about the eXperience Culture Scan?

On this page you will find everything about the eXperience Culture Scan, what it measures and how it helps to define how far you are removed from the 'ideal CX culture'.  


What is the eXperience Culture Scan?

The eXperience Culture Scan asks employees their opinions about the culture of your organization and measures how far you are removed from the ‘ideal CX culture’.

Voice of Employee programs

CYS has based three Voice of Employee programs on the best principles we could find from positive psychology and from best practices all over the world. The three key elements to be included where:

  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Company culture
  • Structured feedback

In this context we have developed three different programs, which can be used as stand-alone programs or in conjunction with one another: 

  1. eXperience Culture Scan
  2. Employee Energy Pulse
  3. 360˚ Feedback Manager

You can read everything about the eXperience Culture Scan here. Do you want to know really everything about this program? Download the whitepaper



How does the eXperience Culture Scan work?

The eXperience Culture Scan asks employees their opinions about your organization—The culture of your organization, to be specific. The scan is based on a number of ‘grouped’ statements. Each statement describes a particular aspect of the culture that is shared by the CX ‘heroes’ in the world. By asking your employees to what extent they agree with the statements, you will get a feel for how far you are removed from the ‘ideal CX culture’.

Of course, we don’t intend for you to ask your employees all of these statements in one go. Instead, you can send out invitations to employees regularly, asking them in each instance to rate only 3 statements.


Theoretical background

Looking at the global frontrunners in the area of customer experience and employee engagement, organizations that have managed to distinguish themselves from the competition by ‘getting it right,’ it quickly becomes clear that similarities can be found among them in cultural aspects. These companies are often ‘flat’ in the sense that employees don’t experience much hierarchy. There is a strong focus on inter-personal relationships and on celebrating success. More often than not, employees have the freedom to take action on their own behalf, especially when it comes to making customers happy. 

Also read the blog 'Increase employee engagement? Discover the effect of positive psychology'.   

Organizations with a high employee engagement knows exactly how to charge their employees’ batteries. hey know how to attract and retain talent, motivate employees to increase productivity and reduce absenteeism. And that also has a positive impact on the customer focus of the organization. Secondary conditions, such as a good salary, pensions and bonuses, do not necessarily have a positive impact on people's state of mind in the longer term. Confidence and self-esteem play an increasingly important role in the work ethic. That is where employees get their energy from and why they remain loyal to companies that stimulate it. They want to contribute to a ‘higher goal’, they do not only work for the money.

Service Excellence Model 

The eXperience Culture Scan is derived from the Service Excellence Model (Stichting Service Excellence). Service Excellence assumes that the entire organization works to provide a consistent and exceptional customer experience. This model is comprised of nine organizational elements that describe the aspects of business operations that influence provision of exceptional customer experience. One of these nine organizational elements is ‘culture’ 


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E-book: Measuring and improving Employee Engagement

Are employees feeling comfortable? Are they going to work every day full of energy? This e-book gives you insights and guidelines to improve employee engagement in a customer-focused organization.

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The eXperience Culture Index

The eXperience Culture Index is an absolute score that tells you how your organization scores on the eXperience Culture Scan. he eXperience Culture Index takes on a value of 100 at most and consists of four underlying scores; the scores are tallied per the four main areas: 

  1. We value each other
  2. We value our customers
  3. We value leadership
  4. We value learning and growing

How to improve the eXperience Culture Index?

Based on the main categories and their division into subcategories as indicated by the employees you can find out exactly what the improvement points are for improving the organizational culture. Do not measure one time, but ask your employees their opinions about your organization continuously. Then you know at any time whether the improvements that have been implemented have actually resulted in an increase in the eXperience Culture Index. 


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Whitepaper: eXperience Culture Scan

Download the product whitepaper and read everything about the CYS eXperience Culture Scan. What is it and how does it work exactly? How is the research planned and what are the results for your organization?

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eXperience Culture Scan software

CYS automatically and continuously gives you insights into the opinions of your employees about the customer focus of your organizational culture. Employees are not bothered too often, and you wouldn’t want to ask all statements in one go. The CYS Scheduler ensures that they only have to rate a few statements each time they are asked. This is done per theme, and the statements are sent out randomly. 


  • The eXperience Culture Index is an Index Score which falls in the range from 0 to 100 and indicates how far away you are from the ‘ideal CX culture’.
  • You can drill down per main area and per subcategory, so that it is clear at a glance on which points your organization scores well and where there are points for improvement.
  • All processes are automated, so all reports are always up to date and automatically sent to the correct stakeholders.
  • Activate the organization by automatically spreading insights and points of improvement to the right people. 



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