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Vacancy Business Development Representative

Vacture Business Development Representative

Do you turn on Sales and enjoy taking the initiative? Do you enthusiastically and easily convert inbound leads to paying customers? Do you want to build your own sales pipeline so that you can ensure that we as CYS grow even harder?

Business Development Representative
Breda | full-time | HBO |.

Contribute to a growing company

You come in: first coffee and catching up with all your colleagues. The atmosphere is immediately good.
Next, you start planning your day:

  • What leads will you pick up today? You qualify these entirely independently.
  • Who is behind this lead and do we have all the (contact) data to make an accurate assessment?
  • Enthusiastically get in touch. How is the company doing? What are the needs internally? And which
    department is interested in your product?
  • You get a follow-up appointment out of every inventory call, namely a customized demo with a Business
    Development Executive or Customer Success Manager.
  • In addition to daily work, there are always ongoing projects and campaigns in which you have an active role in
  • You are intrinsically interested in research and consulting in customer experience / customer experience.

Make every experience count
You will soon belong to a rapidly growing company. And when you are comfortable in your skin, you can work optimally with our beautiful company
grow with you. That’s why we always go the extra mile for our employees:

  1. A good induction period and a nice working atmosphere.
  2. Coaching and training that contribute to your professional and personal growth.
  3. Lots of personal responsibility within your position: you act independently and plan your own day.
  4. Flexibility: even as measures are relaxed, you retain the ability to use your super-fast laptop, a
    times working from home.
  5. You lunch there relaxed and with each other, enjoying delicious sandwiches and salads.

Being who you are

  • You are assertive, think easily and have a drive to approach customers proactively.
  • You are loyal, sociable and do well on Sales.
  • Collaboration comes effortlessly to you and at the same time you also function very well independently.
  • Making contact is in you and you also enjoy doing it; you have the favor factor.
  • You will bring some sales experience and preferably within software solutions or market research.

Be sure to leave your contact information or contact us. We look forward to having coffee with you and your
to know better! Jasper Bruggink would be happy to help: jasper.bruggink@cys.group 06 – 54746062

This is CYS:

We believe in a world where every experience matters. That is why we help you discover the hidden potential with our accessible technology, open the conversation and turn research results into actions. We put all of this into a research platform.

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