Market Research automation

Automate all data and research processes in one software solution and combine market research and BI data. With CYS, importing, combining, and improving data becomes very easy. Automatically translate all different projects and data sources into attractive reports and infographics, which are automatically sent to the right stakeholders. Wow your customers and research sponsors! 

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Set up automated and continuous research. Execute surveys across multiple platforms to gain relevant insights.  

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Link research data continuously to BI data in one software solution and automatically process all combined data.

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Create real-time user specific dashboards and infographics for the reporting of all your research and BI data. 

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Features that make you happy

Manage different versions of your research automatically and simultaneously without losing changes or data. If needed, you can always revert to a previous or an archived version.

Release and version management

Import data manually or automatically. All data can be transformed immediately during the import or with automated processes at pre-set times. 

Import Data

Link different data sources and project data by simply dragging and dropping the column header from source to target. 

Data mapping

Modify your (historical) data by creating rules that automatically updates any record that meets the criteria you have set.

Dynamic Rule Engine

The expert mode allows you to use SQL scripting to program or import your own rules. 

SQL scripting

Customize results for individuals or departments with personalized dashboards, accessible online or in the mobile app.

Customizable dashboards

Make results visually attractive by using infographics that respond to your data in real time. Choose from a wide range available.

Real time infographics

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