Market Research automation

Automate all data and research processes in one software solution and combine market research and BI data. With CYS, importing, combining, and improving data becomes very easy. Automatically translate all different projects and data sources into attractive reports and infographics, which are automatically sent to the right stakeholders. Wow your customers and research sponsors! 

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Set up automated and continuous research. Execute surveys across multiple platforms to gain relevant insights.  

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Link research data continuously to BI data in one software solution and automatically process all combined data.

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Create real-time user specific dashboards and infographics for the reporting of all your research and BI data. 

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Features that make you happy

Completely customize your own dashboards. Give them the look and feel you want, add your corporate identity elements, and create different tabs for different reporting purposes.

Choose from more than 100 predefined widgets, graphs, and visuals to create dashboards, all ready for use. Select the ones that match your reporting needs.

CYS offers all possible standard calculations, KPI’s and formulas. You can select the ones that you want to use in your dashboards, so everybody makes the same comparisons. All results are calculated automatically.


When publishing your dashboard to multiple users, you want them only to see relevant data and data that they are allowed to see. Account-based access allows you to define groups with particular capabilities and filter possibilities and assign users to it. You can decide for each widget individually what filters can be applied.


Re-brand and re-sell our software for research, data management, and visualization as your own.

Select the channel (e-mail, mobile app, QR code, link) that best suits your target audience or the touchpoint, or combine different channels. All the data will be stored in one database.

Data are usually stored in different systems and different formats, which makes combining data time consuming and error sensitive.

CYS lets you connect multiple data sources with ease. From the data sources, you can drag & drop the data items you need into one database and use it for analysis and reporting.


As a business, you probably use multiple software solutions. Some custom solutions, some SAAS solutions, and usually departments still use excel files for storing data. All these datasets and software solutions are set up and build for a specific purpose. For example, if you use a customer service system, this system and its data(structure) are set up to handle tickets, questions, or complaints as effectively as possible. When you use a CRM system, this system and its data(structure) are set up to keep track of activities and tasks related to your (potential) customer. When you have stores or a webshop the systems are focused on buying products and an efficient checkout process.

None of your software systems and their underlying data structure are set up specifically for research, reporting, insights, and business intelligence. These systems have their own data structures and are often missing relevant information needed to conduct research and provide the reporting and insights that you need as a business. Examples that are usually missing or incomplete are the organizational reporting structure and customer and employee background variables.

With CYS, you can edit and improve your data with automated processes. You can use our easy wizard, or use advanced SQL scripting. All these improvements need to be set up once and CYS continuously and automatically improves every record for you.

The result is that your reports, insights, and crucial KPIs are always reported up to date, and filtering, comparing and trends are always according to the actual and updated situation.

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