Categories: Market ResearchPublished On: May 2nd, 2023
How to create an effective online survey

What is an online survey?

What is the meaning of a survey? An online survey is a questionnaire your target group can fill in on the internet. It helps to do research and to collect insights or data. Given answers and gathered data are mostly stored in a database, which helps to analyze them.

Different types of online surveys

There are different types of surveys. Here are some examples used in research surveys.

Customer surveys

Customer surveys help you to understand your customers by collecting their feedback at every meaningful touchpoint. To what extent does your organization, product or service meet or even exceed customer needs? And what can you do to improve this?

What does a customer survey look like? There are different methods to collect feedback from your customers. Three frequently used survey techniques are:

  • Customer satisfaction research (satisfaction)
  • Net Promoter Score research (loyalty)
  • Measuring Customer Effort Score (enthusiasm)