The strength of networks

We strongly believe in the strength of networks and the positive energy that makes mutually beneficial partnerships tick. Where growth is concerned, our partner network is our most valuable asset and we want to make absolutely certain that when we benefit, you benefit as well.

Simple commission structure

This is why our commission structure is simple, has no ‘small print’ that tries to cut corners and supports a long term relationship between you, your customers and CYS. Let’s be honest, if we both invest time and effort in keeping a customer satisfied, then both of us should benefit from this as long as we possibly can. 

More than just commission

But we offer more than just commission. There are other reasons why becoming a CYS partner can be beneficial to you. Next you will find the different partner categories we work with.

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CYS partnership opportunities

Pick the one (or more) that bests suits your organization.


Research Partner Program

For market research agencies that want to set up continuous research, sell recurring value added services and make turnover more predictable that way.

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Consultancy Partner Program

For consultancy or training agencies that want to offer data driven insights to their customers and benefit from these insights by offering additional consultancy or training.

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Reseller Program

For resellers that are looking for an easy to integrate SAAS solution to add to their portfolio to increase the Monthly Recurring Revenue.

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Integration Partner Program

For providers of SAAS solutions who think they can add customer value by offering an integration with CYS to the combined market place, or for technical providers who can add value to the CYS system with their products/services and thus sell to the CYS market place.

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