Create opportunities

Do you offer consultancy and training and do your customers benefit from data-driven insights in the field of customer loyalty, employee engagement or quality management? Then integrate your own services with CYS' software and translate insights into targeted training and advice. In this way, build a long-term relationship with your customers. CYS is the platform for creating loyal customers, committed employees and improving quality. A easy to use system with which you get the right insights in an instant with off-the-shelf programs so that your customers stay ahead of the competition.


Why become a CYS consultancy partner?


Attractive business model


Sell additional services linked to the lead time of the software


Lead generation via own website possible


Partner growth opportunities


Online training & support


Easy integration with existing ERP / CRM systems

Deliver value for your clients and grow your business


Automated and continuous research

Automatically and continuously get the right insights for your customers and translate these insights into targeted training and advice.


Get started right away

Save time with our smart 'off the shelf' and industry specific feedback programs.


Automated real-time reports

With CYS all processes are automated, so all reports are always up to date and can be automatically distributed among customers.


Proven research methods

Use proven research methods such as NPS or CES research or the Root Cause Analysis.

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