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The great thing about becoming a CYS partner is that you can offer your customers the most advanced software for measuring and improving experiences and benefit from it yourself. Provide your customers with continuous and automated insights to stay competitive. We are happy to make things easier with our software as the basis for all your customer projects. Set up research and manage complex data flows from and for all your customers in an minute. From import to final report. As a research or consultancy agency, build a long-term relationship with your customers! 


Why become a CYS research partner?


Sell additional services linked to the lead time of the software


Attractive business model


Lead generation via your website


Partner growth opportunities


Label the software with your own corporate identity


Online training & support


Determine your own rates

Deliver value for your clients and grow your business


Own label

Give enterprise customers access to CYS, which can be set up entirely in your own corporate identity and determine your own rates.


Automated real-time reports

With CYS all processes are automated, so all reports are always up to date and can be automatically distributed among customers.



With the dynamic rule engine you can manage your customers' data yourself without the intervention of an IT department. Inserting, combining and mutating data becomes very easy.


Unlimited data integrations

In CYS, Easily link different data sources of your customers via drag and drop functionality.


Unique software for continuous research and feedback programs

Software completely tailored to the challenges of the design and implementation of continuous research. Data integration and processing, omni-channel data collection, flexible questionnaires and state of the art dashboards and infographics, all within 1 platform.

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