Are you dreaming of an organization filled with energetic, engaged employees who hold the customer's interest at heart? Measure and improve the energy level using the Employee Energy Pulse (EEP) by CYS.


  • Continuous insight into the energy balance of employees
  • Short questionnaire that you will regularly send out
  • Everything is ready, save time and start immediately
  • Points of improvement on a silver platter with the priority matrix
  • Activate the organization with real time infographics

In a nutshell

The Employee Energy Pulse is a method for measuring and improving employee engagement. The method is based on the works of renowned psychologists and writers. They all recognize that employee engagement and energy levels are personal and strongly determined by intrinsic motivations. Based on 4 short questions, you can regularly measure what does and what doesn't give the employees within your organization energy, and why. You will quickly gain profound insight into where improvements should be made!

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Do you want to find out what intrinsically motivates and energizes employees? Try our program 30 days for free. Or download the whitepaper to learn more. 


Free Trial 

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The questionnaire is all set up. The only thing you need to do, is brand it with your own corporate identity, upload your data and you are ready to go!

Features that make you happy

Whether you want to measure eNPS, Employee Energy Pulse, or another KPI, all question types are ready to use. No programming is necessary, and CYS will calculate and report the scores automatically. 


Thanks to CYS’ unique Root Cause Analysis, you only have to ask three questions to know exactly how to improve Employee Engagement. The priority matrix automatically generates priorities on 64 categories, for all organization levels. And the open answers help to understand the emotion of the employee. 


Employees can fill in the questionnaire online, but also with the mobile app. Very useful for employees who don’t work with a computer, such as mechanics or store staff.

Does an employee want to remain anonymous? Personal data fields can be overwritten based on respondent wishes.


How to improve employee engagement? Based on employee feedback, CYS automatically shows where improvement is necessary and what the priorities are.


Completely customize your own dashboards. Give them the look and feel you want, add your corporate identity elements, and create different tabs for different reporting purposes.

Choose from more than 100 predefined widgets, graphs, and visuals to create dashboards, all ready for use. Select the ones that match your reporting needs.

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Are you ready to measure and improve the energy level of your organization? Start today and try CYS 30 days for free.

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favorite Start Trial subject Download whitepaper