It appears too good to be true: an ocean of information about what excites your customers, by asking just three questions. It is possible with the NPS research of CYS.

Benefits CYS software 

  • Everything is ready = Save time and start immediately
  • Three questions = Gain profound insight into customer loyalty
  • Open answers = Understand what customers experience
  • Share results = Bring customer loyalty to life
  • Root Cause Method = Know what requires improvement

In a nutshell

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a method to measure customer loyalty. Not with a long questionnaire, but by asking one short question: 'How likely would you recommend us?' CYS uses the NPS question as a starting point and enriches it with three in-depth questions. By categorizing the open answer options, profound insight is created into the experience of customers.

CYS software continues where NPS ends

Not only will you get an answer to the question whether your customer would recommend you, you will also learn why. With our software, you can easily share the results with your organization. This allows customer loyalty to come to life and making adjustments becomes easier. 

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The NPS questionnaire is all set up. The only thing you need to do, is brand it with your own corporate identity, upload your data and you are ready to go!

loyalty Features

CYS contains useful features that will help you activate your organization in order to increase customer loyalty together.

Personalize your questionnaire or embed a previously given answer by the respondent.

Questionnaire personalization

Give your questionnaire your own look & feel by adding your own corporate identity.

Custom branding

Easily choose multiple languages or add a custom language. Respondents can switch to another language at any moment in the questionnaire.


Create an email invitation that reflects your brand to invite respondents to fill in your questionnaire.

Personal e-mail invite

Customize results for individuals or departments with personalized dashboards, accessible online or in the mobile app.

Customizable dashboards

Make results visually attractive by using infographics that respond to your data in real time. Choose from a wide range available.

Real time infographics

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