Quality management

The software from CYS offers a central place for the digitization of all your questionnaires, forms, and checklists. Involve the entire organization in quality monitoring by collecting and reporting all outcomes from all divisions and giving the organization the right resources to take immediate action. With our ‘off-the-shelf,' industry-specific audits and checklists, you can get started right away. CYS automates quality measurements so you can focus on improving the quality rather than measuring it!

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Get started right away

Don't reinvent the wheel. Save time with smart, 'off-the-shelf' research programs for quality measurements.


Support with images

Make improvements in the organization visual by supporting a checklist with pictures and videos and prevent the need for discussions afterwards.


Smart data collection

Data collection becomes very easy for both users and respondents with the mobile app for tablet and smartphone (iOS and Android).


Real-time visual reporting

Make data and results visually appealing, so they become manageable and are brought to life in the organization.

Features that make our customers happy


Audits and checklists

Easily create, manage, and report your own audits and checklists. Use CYS’s existing (adjustable) templates.


Case management

Based on smart rules, you can automatically assign concrete improvement points to the right person or department and monitor their implementation.


Set margins

With predetermined conditions and margins, CYS automatically returns control, so no discussion can arise about the results.

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