Quality Management features

Measure and improve quality by digitizing and centralizing all your audits and checklists for quality, customers and employees. Get started right away with these practical features and smart "off the shelf" research programs from CYS.


Automated and continuous research

CYS continuously gives you the right insights in customers, employees and quality, so the company can make the right decisions.

Audits & Checklists

You can easily create, manage and report your own audits and checklists in CYS. Use the existing templates, which you can adjust to your own situation.


Proven research methods

Use proven research methodologies with CYS, like (ISO /  International) standards, industry-specific quality checks and customer and employee surveys.

Methodology focused on priorities

All CYS programs are so thoroughly thought out that you get the priorities for improvement at any given time.


Multi Channel data collection

Make providing feedback easy for auditors as well as other respondents with the mobile application for tablet and smartphone (iOS and Android).

Visual checklist, with video and picture support

Where in the organization is there room for improvement and why? With visual checklists, with video and picture support, it will be clear at a glance.


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Smart 'off the shelf' research

Save time with our smart, 'off the shelf' customer and employee surveys. With CYS you can take off right away, no need to reinvent the wheel.

Condition based checklist

With predetermined conditions and margins CYS automatically returns control, so no discussion can arise about the results.


All results in one overview

Obtain all results from multiple sources automatically in one  overview, so you don't have to log into several systems for reports and analysis anymore.

Automated real time reports

With CYS, all processes are automated, so all reports are always up to date and automatically sent to the right stakeholders.


Dynamic infographics

The obtained insights are made visually attractive through dynamic infographics so that they become manageable and come to life in the organization.

Case management

Based on smart rules, you can automatically assign concrete improvement points to the right person or department and monitor the implementation.


Triggers & Alerts

Activate the organization by automatically spreading the insights and points of improvement to the right people.

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