RBPM – Customers

Push Reports – Automated in PowerPoint or PDF

Back again! But more beautiful, more flexible and in PowerPoint.

Share fully automated relevant XM reports and concrete action items with all your colleagues simultaneously. By week, month, quarter or year. At the person, department or journey level. But also your management, customer feedback, employee feedback and audit presentations.

Automated relevant information sharing

Role Based Push Reporting automatically creates and distributes reports based on variables and user roles you choose. Data from different surveys and data sources are combined into one clear report. Make sure everyone gets the information, actively sent by CYS.


Working in PowerPoint like you’re used to

Reports are emailed and displayed online in a PowerPoint or PDF format. They are based on a PowerPoint template. PowerPoint is integrated with CYS. In PowerPoint, manage data sources and calculations and link them to PowerPoint objects and charts. Then you link the PowerPoint in the CYS environment to send schedules, receivers and set other settings, such as frequency and time of day.