Get to know your customers, employees and your business

Listen to your customers, employees and manage quality and company data. By bringing customer feedback, employee feedback and quality measurements together in one software solution, transforming them into meaningful insights, you know exactly what to improve and how to engage customers and employees. 

Customer Feedback

With our easy to use and intuitive software, creating a customer feedback survey is easy. Choose from a wide range of ready to use question types and collect feedback though multiple channels.

Do you want to save time and start immediately? Select one of our customer feedback programs, Net Promoter Score research or Customer satisfaction research, and benefit from a to the point questionnaire that generates the insights you need.


Employee Feedback

Gather employee feedback and gain meaningful insights. Set up your own research or save time with one of our smart employee engagement programs, like the Employee Energy Pulse or the eXperience Culture Scan. Available in multiple languages and in your own corporate branding.

By publishing your survey to the mobile app employees can give feedback anywhere and anytime they want.

Audits, forms & checklists

With our intuitive software creating digitalizing audits and checks has never been easier. Choose from a wide range of predefined forms and checklists. Simply customize the look & feel and add scoring or conditions to emphasize crucial audit items.

With our mobile app auditors can perform audits on the go. You define which audit or checklist is available for whom and when. Add a photo or video to make findings crystal clear.

Research. programs

Do you want to save time and start immediately? Select one of our default Research programs.


Net Promoter Score Research

Gain insight into customer loyalty, by asking just a few questions.


Customer satisfaction

Let your customers tell what makes them happy and what doesn’t.


Employee Energy Pulse

Is your organization ‘energizing’ or ‘draining’ your employees and why?


eXperience Culture Scan

Ask employees how they feel about the culture of your organization.


Audits, checks and more...

Make your audits efficient and effective and drive improvement.


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