Upcoming Events


Webinar: How about the data garden @CYS

In this webinar we will show you, you are the boss of your own data. Within our CYS Experience Management software, adding, combining and correcting data in the data garden becomes very easy.


Webinar: How about dashboards and experience app @CYS

In the end it is all about the output and how to involve the rest of the organization to start working with the results of your research. In this webinar we will show how to familiarize yourself with all the possibilities CYS Experience Management software offers in terms of reporting. 


Webinar: Meet CYS | The Experience Management software platform

In this webinar, we will show you our advanced CYS Experience Management software by navigating around our platform. We will provide you with information on how to manage your own portal. We will handle general functionality like settings, use of forms, groups, blogs and the media library. We will also cover user management-related subjects, for instance creating a new user and allocating roles. The complex parts will be handled high level like questionnaire, projects, datagarden and dashboards.


Webinar: How about projects @CYS

In this webinar we will take you on an adventure and explore the different types of projects you are able to run and manage with CYS. Would you like to conduct NPS research, a personalized CES poll, employee feedback or a branch specific business audit? It can all be done.