This is the second part of the blog series about audits. This time, we will delve deeper into why it is better to digitize your audits. Eleven reasons, that's quite a number. After reading, you will think to yourself: 'What are the arguments to not digitize anyway?'

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From paper to digital systems

Audits are not possible without forms, questionnaires and checklists. Where people used to use clipboards and paper, this has now become a thing of the past. All sectors have been undergoing changes for years. The same work is carried out, monitored and analyzed digitally. Do you want to digitize, but do you still have doubts?

11 good reasons, here they are…

1 | Real-time insight into the status

How often do you have to wait for all kinds of results? It's a waste of time, don't you think? By choosing the digital route for your audits and checks, you will always have real-time insight into all checks and processes. You can look into the status wherever and whenever you want!

2 | Automatically the latest version

What is the latest version of the check? It is very annoying when it turns out an older version has been used. This is a problem you will no longer run into when you work digitally. There is only one version. Does it have to be revised? It's a matter of implementing the changes, save and finish. No misunderstanding.

3 | Less preparation time

How much time is required to prepare for an audit? When you digitize audits, your planning is finished in no time. You no longer need to send out mails. The auditor or employee will simply receive a push message in the mobile app when a new audit or checklist is ready.

4 | Financial savings

All changes initially require some additional time and energy, but once that's done... Then your processes are digitized and are therefore easier to adjust, distribute and analyze. It allows the entire organization to save time and money

5 | Quick analysis

Manual actions to compile, analyze and report results are no longer needed when you opt for digitization. This will save you a whole lot of time!

6 | Others more quickly involved in actions and results

A question that is often asked: 'How do I involve the others in the organization?' The answer is simple: by involving them with any actions and results. When you digitize processes, the product manager, company director and anyone else you want can gain insight into the status and personal reports. You will decide who gets to see which results. It's a matter of a simple setup.

7 | Following up actions of improvement quicker

After reading point 6, you might be thinking: okay, but they may not always take action. By arranging everything digitally, points of improvement can easily directly and automatically be forwarded to the right person. This means a quicker follow-up.

8 | Goodbye Excel, hello real overview

Your organization will do fine without Excel files. Without Excel, insights and analyses of importance are automatically generated in the background. This way, people can focus on the phase after: processing the insights.

9 | Nothing will get lost anymore

How often is something missing internally? Digitize checks and you will never lose anything again.

10 | More reliable results

People don't like to make mistakes. You can easily build in checks and rules in a digital version, so that the auditor will immediately receive a notification when a step within the audit has been skipped.

11 | Personalized feedback

When you digitize processes, you can more easily link them to a specific product or employee. This offers many opportunities if you want to make continuous improvements.


There are a lot of good reasons for choosing the digital route for your audits and checks. In this blog post you have learned a few. In part 3, we will show you how to setup your own audits step by step using CYS, including question types and scoring. Want to learn more about this subject? Download our whitepaper below. 

import_contacts Whitepaper

Whitepaper: How to digitize audits, checks and more...

In this whitepaper you will learn all about digitizing audits, checks and more and which advantages you might gain. And how to use CYS to make audits and checks smarter, better and more effective.

Download whitepaper

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