The previous blog 'Take the step from measuring to improving and create more loyal customers and committed employees' showed that based on continuously gathered insights about what customers and employees think of your organization, you can structurally steer towards customer focus in every organization layer. Below you will find 9 tips on how to handle this.

Get a grip on hard KPIs, customers and employees

1. All results together in 1 overview

Let all KPIs automatically appear in a single view so that managers and employees no longer have to log in to multiple systems to view and compare results. This saves a lot of time and prevents incorrect numbers from being cut and pasted. 

2. Automated and continuous research

As an organization, make the right decisions based on continuous insight into the Voice of the Customer, employee engagement, and all company data. Instinctive decisions are then justified choices.

3. Right priorities and insights

Combine hard and soft KPIs in one system and ensure that existing data is linked to research data so that your organization can make the right analyses. Make sure your methodology is focused on defining priorities.

4. Don't reinvent the wheel

Companies spend a lot of time setting up surveys. Don't reinvent the wheel, but opt for existing smart research methods that have already proven themselves, like Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score, ISO or industry-specific research.

5. Focus on customer stories

A story says so much more than just a figure. Understand what motivates your customers by supporting the scores with real stories and emotions.

6. Accessible in every organizational layer

Results and KPIs only make sense if they are received in the right place in the organization. Only then can you expect your organization to start using them.

7. Smart questioning

Don't bother your employees too often with questionnaires. By cleverly planning your research, you still get the insights you need.

8. Make data as visually appealing as possible, preferably in real time

Avoid boring tables and graphs. Make data and results visually appealing, so that they become manageable and familiar within the organization.

9. Monitor improvements

Just because you know what can be better, this is not a given that it will actually improve. Make sure that you keep a grip on the follow-up and improvements that you can monitor.

Get the organization moving and create a customer-oriented organization. CYS offers smart features to get continuous insight into company data, results, quality, and processes, to make data-driven decisions. Emotional choices become informed decisions to steer the organization in the right direction. Curious? Try CYS for free.

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