If you're looking to gain insight into customer satisfaction, or you are looking to measure employee engagement, a good feedback tool is indispensable. In this blog, we will provide you with five tips to pay attention to when selecting the right feedback solution.

#1 One tool for all feedback

When you are looking for feedback software, please make sure that the tool allows you to listen to customers (Voice of Customer), employees (Voice of Employee) and the business results and quality (Voice of Business) with equal attention. By bringing all results together in one solution, you prevent manual, time-consuming and error-prone processes and as an organization you can easily perform analysis and make the right decisions without having to manually merge results from multiple systems. For example, you can see at a glance whether the seller with the most sales also delivers the most satisfied and loyal customers. Are you only responsible for one of these areas? Consider working with colleagues who are responsible for the remaining areas and look for one solution together to merge all subareas.

#2 A feedback tool with which you can manage your data yourself

In an organization, the same data is often stored differently in different systems, which makes analysis and reporting difficult and requires a lot of (manual) work. An example: In the CRM system, customer "Pieter Janssen" is listed as "Mr. P. Jansen" and in the logistics system he is listed as "Mr. Pieter Janssen". Linking these systems often results in quite a lot of manual work and is therefore error prone. With the help of a good feedback solution, these types of matters can easily taken into your own control, without the need for the IT department.

#3 A tool that automatically translates feedback into points of improvement

Good feedback software not only allows you to collect feedback and data, it also assists you by translating this feedback to improvements and priorities. Without spending too much time analyzing, you will be able to see at a glance what are the points of improvement per region, store or department in order to improve both the customer experience as well as employee engagement. Or what can be done at which location to improve the quality.

#4 A tool that automatically provides access to relevant insights for everyone

In our rapid world of today, outdated data is not acceptable. Reports must always be up to date with the latest information. If you know what should be improved, it does not automatically mean that things will indeed improve. With the right feedback software, you can keep your control on the follow-up and monitor improvements. Feedback, compliments or complaints will be sent directly to the employee who assisted the customer. This means immediate action can be taken. Is it a compliment? Sending this through has a very motivating effect.

#5 A tool without boring tables and graphs

Prevent working with boring tables and graphs. With a good feedback tool, scores and insights about customers and employees are automatically made visually attractive and translated into, for example, cool infographics, making data and results manageable, which will become part of the organization. 

Want to start with customer feedback? Read our blog with 9 tips for a successful customer feedback strategy.

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