Allianz is a global organization with over 175,000 employees. The company offers a variety of products and financial services, as well as insurances and solutions to companies and individuals. In this blog we will show you how an organization like Allianz carefully handles feedback, and successfully implements important customer insights in real time at employee level.

The use of NPS and feedback at Allianz

By offering different products and services, the variation in customer journeys and touch points is huge. It's important to monitor the entire situation continuously. Robbert Ebbers, Customer Feedback Specialist at Allianz, states that Allianz uses NPS (Net Promoter Score) globally as the leading metric. But depending on the situation, Allianz also occasionally use other gauges for specific areas or processes. For example, they use CES (Customer Effort Score) to measure how much effort a customer has to put in to file a complaint.

Robbert Ebbers continues: “NPS is a metric for us and not a goal. The most important thing is to gain insight from what goes well and where improvements are possible. The input for improvements is mainly derived from open answers and feedback calls. At Allianz we make sure employees will contact customers for specific feedback. These contacts and the information from these follow-up calls are very valuable.”

Managers share the stories behind the scores with the employees

Be a good role model, just like the managers at Allianz. Their managers do not merely talk about the scores, but share the stories behind the scores with their employees. Managers and team leaders have access to the NPS results, including the open answers, via the CYS dashboard. The positive and negative feedback behind the score enables managers to share the story of the customer with the team. In this way, customer feedback becomes very tangible.

Customer feedback insightful up to employee level

Managing and sharing customer feedback leads to comprehensive insight into performance. The feedback of customers (both positive and negative) is collected daily or weekly at each department to improve customer focus. The priorities are also automatically visible in the dashboard. Robbert explains that Allianz works with ‘customer focus teams’ where employees from different teams are represented. These teams delve deeper into the NPS results, to formulate and deploy initiatives for improvements. The plan for the near future is to send relevant push reports on a frequent basis to management, team leaders and other employees to bring customer feedback even more to life.

Allianz is a role model for organizations when analyzing the involvement of employees in customer feedback. From the combined research results of almost 600 organizations in the Netherlands in 2018, we can see there aren’t many organizations like this. Only 15% of the respondents from that survey say that employees are enthusiastic to get started with customer feedback. By improving the implementation of feedback in every layer of the organization, customer experience comes more to life for the employee. After all, they’re the people in everyday contact with the customer.  

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