To stay ahead of the competition, improving customer experience is a matter of utmost importance for many organizations. Yet most managers and management teams struggle with the fact that the delivered yield is intangible. This is why we will give you five concrete benefits of improving the customer experience.

Investing in superior customer experience yields various advantages. Return on the investment may not always be immediately visible, but it will definitely pay off in the long run. It’s important that you tackle this immediately as an organization, working together with your employees. Below you will find five advantages of optimising customer experience.

1. More satisfied customers

Focusing on an improved customer experience contributes to more satisfied customers. It sounds logical; the desire for satisfied customers is something that every organization wants. But what satisfied customers actually provide is not always taken into consideration. Satisfied customers cost your organization significantly less than customers who are not satisfied.

Satisfied customers make less use of service channels, complain less and return products less often. This means that your organization's customer service department will spend less time dealing with complaints and solving problems. Also, they will more willingly accept a mistake from your organization. If you normally provide an optimal experience, they will be more inclined to take a mistake for granted. A satisfied customer continues its support and will return to your business in the future.

With the CYS customer feedback monitor, you can easily measure customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and customer enthusiasm on a daily basis. This translates directly into follow-up actions for each department or even down to the individual employee level, so that you can turn every customer into a satisfied customer.

2. More promoters

Satisfied returning customers will be loyal customers, and you will find promoters among these loyal customers. Promoters are enthusiastic customers who have given a 9 or a 10 via a metric such as the NPS recommendation question. They are your ambassadors. They recommend your products and services to others, are followed by others and encourage potential customers. If a promoter becomes a superpromoter, according to Rijn Vogelaar, author of ‘The Superpromoter: - The Power of Enthusiasm’, they can deliver almost 1 million new customers in 10 steps, usually via word-of-mouth advertising, which is still the most powerful marketing tool.

Promoters often have the best ideas of how to improve your service. They dare to indicate, with a critical eye, what the weaknesses and strengths of your company are. These are therefore very valuable customers in various areas!

3. Enthusiastic employees

Enthusiasm is contagious. Satisfied customers provide enthusiastic employees (and vice versa!), resulting in lower absenteeism, lower staff turnover and increased productivity. This also contributes to a positive atmosphere in the organization. This positive flow is something that is worth maintaining in the organization so that your employees excel in what they do. You will see that improving customer experience goes hand in hand with increased enthusiasm amongst your employees!

4. More positive online image

Loyal customers and ambassadors create a more positive online image. The number of reviews about your company will rise because these customers like to share their positive experience with others. This form of online word-of-mouth advertising is extremely valuable. Check for yourself how often you first read the reviews before you purchase a product. If you only read about positive experiences from satisfied customers, you are more likely to support that company. In addition, a positive online image has many advantages on review sites; you are more likely to be found at the top in search engines. Reviews far outweigh the advertising that you create yourself.

vidaXL, the largest online seller in slow moving consumer goods, gives you five tips for improving your online reputation, including handy practical examples.

5. More sales

What most organizations want to hear about is one of the benefits you achieve by improving customer experience: more sales. Loyal customers and promoters spend more and are willing to spend more. Research shows that promoters generate on average up to four times as much sales as customers who are not so satisfied. Also, cross-selling and up-selling with this group is easier, because they are already loyal to you as an organization. In addition, satisfied customers provide recommendations for new customers, which in turn generate more sales. 

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