Personalization is more important than ever today, including in your research. If you don't personalize your survey, your respondents won't feel addressed and there'll be a greater chance that they won't complete your survey at all or quit it halfway through. In the video below, Esther explains why it is important to personalize your survey and how you can do this with CYS.

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How can I increase the response rate of my survey with personalization?

By tailoring your survey as much as possible to your respondents, they feel personally addressed. Not only by addressing your customer by name in the survey, but also by referring to previously given answers or to the interaction they have had with your organization. Did the customer buy something in one of your stores? Then refer to said shop and to the product that someone bought. Immerse yourself in your customer's journey and connect as much as possible to the experience, ensuring the respondent recognizes him/herself in the questions you ask. This doesn't only increase the user experience of your survey, but the response as well!

This is how personalizing your survey works

CYS makes it easy to personalize your questionnaire and fully adapt it to the customer and the customer requirement. There are two features available in our software to do this.

Everything is possible

The first option is the 'Field Picker', which allows you to automatically insert any field from your database at any time during your research. For example, the name of the respondent and the shop that was visited or the answer that was given to the previous question. By linking your company data to CYS, you can personalize your research any way you want! In the example below, we use the name of the respondent and refer to the answer given on the previous question.


Make your research dynamic

The second option to personalize your research is to use the 'Rule Engine'. This easy-to-use feature allows you to insert personalized text based on any condition and logic. In the example below you can see that text is automatically created based on the NPS someone provides. Is your respondent a promoter? That means he'll get to see a different text than someone who's a detractor.



By personalizing your survey and addressing respondents with their names and referring to the interaction with your organization, you increase your survey response rate and user experience.

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