The importance of effective customer orientation is known to every organization. But how can you involve your employees in this process? The successful method for Carglass is to use NPS for superior customer centric management. The way the organization challenges itself constantly is very inspiring. Willem Mes, Director of Operations, enthusiastically tells the story of Carglass.

A passionate and sincere management team

“We walk the extra mile, that’s what we do at Carglass.” Willem Mes is responsible for all Carglass Service Centers in The Netherlands. Customer experience and customer focus are close to Willem’s heart. And that passion is noticeable. In an interview Willem explains that customer focus has to be in the DNA. If customer experience isn’t top of the management team’s priority list, then it won’t be for the rest of the company. Be sincere as a supervisor and reflect it to your employees. This form of enthusiasm is contagious.

Twice a year Carglass organizes ‘Tour de Carglass’, where Willem personally speaks to every technician to set the tone. After all, 90% of contact in the company is between the customer and the technician. The involvement of the employee in every layer of the organisation is very important. This ensures that everyone works collectively and follows a commonly agreed line.

The power of sharing positive feedback how-carglass-uses-open-answers-customerfeedback

Willem continues his story: “The customer is the center of attention in everything we do and we support our employees in the best way possible. Technicians have continuous access to their own customer feedback monitor on their smartphone, with their own NPS results and corresponding open answers. It’s really cool to see positive feedback from your customer after a hard day of work. This way of working gets you enormously motivated!”

Next to sharing the NPS results (including open answers) on a weekly basis, the organization also works with team coaches. Every technician makes his own development plan. Team coaches are appointed to support the technicians so they can improve their commercial, technical and communication skills.

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Exceptional interactions with customers are rewarded

The team coaches also help the technicians with improving customer interaction. To motivate and enthuse employees, Carglass gives some incentive rewards. Employees who have exceptional, positive interactions with customers, are rewarded for their hard work. “A great example is of two employees during a big ice storm. They had set everything in motion to help customers in the affected region by mobilizing more employees, setting up pop-up stores and arranging the right materials.” Rewarding these types of actions is very motivating and you see it pay off in further positive customer feedback.

Not every organisation facilitates their employees like Carglass. In many organizations employees don’t get adequate resources like a clear customer feedback monitor, a data management system or the possibility to monitor customer feedback. Give your employees insights into customer experience so they can initiate feedback, interaction and input through their own intrinsic motivation. Just as Willem Mes shows in the case of Carglass; the key to customer centric effectiveness is to facilitate your employees in a creative way. 

Employee Engagement, what does it mean and how do you improve it?

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